Dryer Vent Cleaning

3Dryer vent cleaning is necessary for a number of important reasons. A dryer vent that has been filled with too much lint can pose a risk for dryer fire, at the same time release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Accumulated dirt and lint inside dryer vents also hinder the machine to be as energy efficient, as these accumulations force the system to push harder just to deliver the same amount of load into the property.

How do dryer fires happen from lint accumulation?

Because lint is a combustible material, extremely hot and trapped air inside the vent can spark a fire by just being in close contact with it.  Trapped lint in dryer vents are said to be one of the most common causes behind dryer fires, according to the US Fire Administration.

Preventive measures against dryer fires

One of the simplest, most basic, yet highly effective measures an owner can do to prevent dryer fires is to periodically empty the lint traps and brushing them using an appropriate cleaning device such as a long-handled brush or a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Delray Beach AC Repair – Dryer Vent Services

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