Air Duct Cleaning

air ductUp to this day, many AC system owners are still oblivious as to why air duct cleaning must be done regularly. A good percentage of these people do it anyway, but the rest remain to be unbelievers. There are also those who believe in it and do it, but for the wrong reasons.

The air within our homes enter and leave the air ducts at an average of five cycles in a day. During this course, air that is circulating within the house enters the duct, which in turn sends it back again out into the house interior. In the course of this exchange, dust swept in from the outdoors, pet dander, and lint from certain materials may be transported into the air duct where it would gradually accumulate over time. This piled-up dirt then becomes a blockage in the duct if left unaddressed for long.

The health implications of a dirty air duct

Many people believe that a dirty duct would also mean dirty air circulating around the house, which causes diseases among people who live in the area. This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about dirty air ducts, because dirty ducts don’t necessarily release “unhealthy” or “dirty” air. However, in some people with hypersensitivity reactions to dust and lint, allergic symptoms may manifest.

The main reason why you should have your air ducts professionally cleaned

The main concern involving dirty air ducts is the blockage in the free flow of air, which causes the AC system to “push” harder in order for the same amount of load to be released. This extra work that the system does would then reflect in a higher energy usage, lower efficiency, and bigger electric bills.

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