Air Conditioning Installation

2The sense of fulfillment a person gets after a successful DIY project can be consuming. The feeling you get when someone compliments the DIY deck you worked your wits on for an entire month, the sense of accomplishment you feel when your wife commends the great job you did on the DIY barn lights in the backyard – all these feelings can be overwhelming, and the cherry on top is you can always say at the end, “I’m not even a pro!”.

Sure, DIY projects are not only fun to undertake – they’re also a great outlet for stress or boredom. However, there are just some things that are best left to the care of a professional – and one of these is your air conditioning installation.

AC installation doesn’t just require an eye for style or a certain flair for home décor and appliances, it requires proper training and expert skills in handling units that have both electrical and refrigerant connections. For your air conditioning installation needs in Delray Beach or surrounding suburbs, contact Delray Beach AC Repair.

System selection

We here at Delray Beach AC Repair provide a step-by-step assistance in AC installation. As earlier mentioned, it’s not just about random choices and not even aesthetics – there’s a science and skill involved from picking out the best type, size, and model that’s best suited for your cooling needs. This is the first step, which is system selection. This step is very important as it determines much of your AC unit’s efficiency and suitability. A professional air conditioning repair guy should be able to help you pick out an AC unit that’s just the right size and right horsepower for your cooling needs.

Safe installation

Delray Beach AC Repair assures safe procedures in air conditioning installation. We have the proper gears, the right tools and equipment, and expert skills and knowledge in safe installation techniques. Delray Beach AC Repair not only safeguards its workers, but also its clients and everyone else within the area.

Manufacturer approved techniques

When you first bought your AC unit from the dealer, you were given a warranty by the manufacturer. This warranty basically provides that all damages or flaws will be covered or shouldered by the manufacturer, provided that the unit has not been unlawfully tampered with by an unauthorized person or a person without a valid AC technician’s license. Delray Beach AC Repair understands the value of manufacturer’s warranties and we work in compliance with the limitations provided by the manufacturer, to protect our clients from unforeseen and unnecessary damage expenses.

With Delray Beach AC Repair, you can be sure that the installation of your new AC unit goes smoothly – without delays, without damages, and without surprise charges. We are dedicated to giving our best so that you can enjoy your new investment soon after purchase.

Delray Beach AC Repair also offers free consultation for first-time AC system buyers. If you need more insight and guidance about the latest technologies in AC systems, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through!