I’m not a professional AC technician. Can I still do my AC unit’s repair and maintenance?

A lot of people shoot for the stars in AC repair and maintenance, in the hopes of saving a fortune on what could be an expensive transaction with a professional AC repair guy. While in some cases it works, most of the time it doesn’t. AC units are complex machineries that require skill, expertise, and professional knowledge. Attempting to take on the job of a pro without proper knowledge and tested skills may not only put the unit at risk, but also the person doing it and even the people who are around at the time of the procedure.

What are some basic cleaning techniques that I could use on my AC units?

Cleaning your unit’s boiler compartment, furnace filter, and condenser fins is easy and may be done even without the help of a professional AC technician. All you have to do is to vacuum the dried leaves, dust, and dirt out from the condenser (outdoor unit), and clear out the dust and dirt from the furnace filter and condenser fins using a long-handled brush and you’re good to go.

What are the qualities that make Delray Beach AC Repair stand out among other companies?

Delray Beach AC Repair is always on time, and has the most efficient AC repair technicians who provide sustainable solutions to all types of AC repair problems for commercial and residential clients.

What are the signs that point to the need of a professional AC repairman’s services?

There are classic signs that should prompt AC owners to call up their go-to AC technician and these include strange sounds coming from the unit, foul odor coming from the unit, failure to switch on, erratic thermostat that does its job in other places but doesn’t in some, and a noticeable malfunction in the unit’s cooling feature. If any of these describe the state of your AC unit at home or in the workplace, chances are you might need the professional services of a good AC repairman to determine what your problem could be.

Is Delray Beach AC Repair duly certified and licensed to carry out all procedures in HVAC cleaning, installation, and repair?

Yes. Delray Beach AC Repair holds all the proper licenses in HVAC procedures including cleaning and maintenance, installation, and repair.

Does Delray Beach AC Repair give discounts or free estimates?

We offer a free quotation. Just make sure you have your AC unit’s type, brand, model, and effective warranties ready so we can give a more accurate quotation.

Do you have a shop that I can visit?

Yes, we have a physical shop in Delray Beach. However, we also offer onsite assistance for emergency clients or those who would rather have their AC units checked right at the venue. This is usually the preferred choice of many customers as it eliminates the need to transport the unit back and forth.

Is there a checklist I should follow when shopping for AC repair companies?

Customers may vary in terms of preferences, but the non-negotiables include a proper license and certificate to perform in all HVAC procedures, availability and flexibility, integrity, and quality of work. These are all the hallmarks of good HVAC services and they should remain as the standard regardless of price or budget. Always do your background check and research before booking with an AC repair company. Make calls and ask questions so you can properly assess their eagerness to provide support. You’ll be surprised how probing pays off in revealing the values of a company! Also, pay attention to word of mouth. Ask your friends or neighbors who might have any experience with a company before.