Are Solar AC Systems for You?

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July 29, 2016
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Are Solar AC Systems for You?


Solar AC systems have become massively popular in the past years. Because of their promise of lower electric bills and lesser carbon footprints, more and more owners have made the switch.

However, much like any other product, solar AC systems may not necessarily be for everyone. As a responsible buyer, it’s your responsibility to do proper research and determine whether a solar AC system would be a great fit for your specific needs, preferences, and circumstances.

If you’re looking to invest in a solar AC system but are not quite sure yet, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do we get a lot of sunshine in our area?

Solar AC systems thrive on the abundance of sunlight, and they actually only work when a solar power source is present. So unless you live in a sunny state or city, it’s pretty much a useless device.

  1. Am I ready for the hefty initial investment?

While it’s true that solar AC systems will save you a lot of money from lower energy bills, the solar panels and installation costs can be much more expensive than that of ordinary AC systems. If price point is a concern for you, then you need to think it through and consider the trade-offs if you must.

  1. Solar AC units cannot deliver on-demand cooling. Am I okay with that?

As mentioned earlier, solar AC systems work only when the sun is literally shining. So if it’s nighttime and you need a little more extra cooling to take the coziness level up a notch, that won’t be possible if what you have is a solar AC unit.

The above mentioned are three of the most important considerations you have to make before investing in a solar AC system. If pondering on these has helped you come up with a great, smart decision, congratulations! Way to go in going green! Don’t forget to call your go-to AC system serviceman who can help you in this exciting new project.

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