Professional Delray Beach Air Conditioning Services

You should call your reliable AC technician at the slightest sign of trouble. Strange sounds, an uncoordinated thermostat performance, failure to switch on – are all signs that something might be seriously wrong with your AC unit. Prevent further damage by having it checked and inspected by a professional AC technician ASAP. Many people often make the mistake of not calling in the pros until the worst has happened, which in turn causes them to spend more on repairs for a much greater damage.

Why go with Delray Beach AC Repair?

We here at Delray Beach AC Repair are quite known for the quality services we provide, without robbing our clients through overcharging and hidden charges. We’ve heard the horror stories our clients have from other providers, and we’ve since worked extra harder to make sure they never have the same things to say about us. You can count on Delray Beach AC Repair to be straightforward and honest about pricing, at the same time deliver the job on time, as agreed, and with results that actually last.

Here are some things you might want to know about Delray Beach AC Repair:

  1. We work by an arrival time of 15 minutes maximum.

Yes! We value our work so much that we never let our clients wait for hours before we can come over to fix their AC unit. We also know how important these things are in the overall comfort and productivity levels of a place, so we do our best to restore them into proper function immediately.

  1. We give quotations before proceeding with work.

As earlier mentioned, we are not fond of surprising our clients with the total charge! At the beginning of the transaction, we make sure to let the customer know what the potential costs of the procedure are, which expenses may or may not come up – so they have an idea how much it’s setting them back for, and still have full control on whether we should proceed with the job or not.

  1. We are licensed and insured.

License and insurance are two very important things that many people tend to overlook when shopping for AC repair companies. First, a license ensures that no matter what happens to the unit in the process of fixing or examining it, the manufacturer will cover whatever damages are incurred. As a general rule, warranties are void when the unit has been tampered with by a person without license in professional AC repair, so you don’t want to put this at risk. Second, insurance coverage protects the interests and safety of both parties in the event of damages, injuries, and disputes.


Delray Beach AC Repair is a professional AC repair company in Palm Beach County, Florida. We offer our services for your AC repair, AC installation, and AC maintenance needs. We are the first in general AC repair, and we are proud to say that we’ve been leading the industry for decades now.